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Football Picks 2021 Week 7 (10-13-2021)

October 13th, 2021 · Comments


Andy, John, and Dave are back from our week off to recap one of the most exciting football weekends of the year!  In college football, Oklahoma rallied from a 20+ deficit to beat Texas in the Red River Showdown, and Number 1 Alabama lost outright to Texas A&M at college station in a dramatic game with a very close finish.  In pro football, it was a battle of attrition for the Packers and Bengals with bad kicking punctuating an ugly game that ended well for Green Bay, the Browns and Chargers played the wildest, highest scoring game this year while Andy and Dave were in the building, and the Chiefs were humiliated by the Bills on Sunday Night Football.   Besides action on the field, there was chaos in Las Vegas as the Raiders were forced make Jon Gruden resign following the discovery of several poor, racist, homophic, and otherwise awful comments in email conversations between Gruden and other NFL personnel.  The fellas recap all the chaos, then set up another solid football weekend while delivering their picks for Week 7.   The contest is heating up as  Ron makes a move closing in on both John and Dave in the standings.  It should be a very action packed episode covering all sorts of juice in the football world.

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DITCOW Fantasy Football 2021 Week 6 with Gerry Will (10-13-2021)

October 13th, 2021 · Comments


It's our debut Fantasy Football show! This week we cover diamonds in the rough, we look at where the matchups are and how to find the best data for your picks in regular FF and DFS. Join Gerry Will and Dave for all the fantasy scenarios and taking your advice live on YouTube Chat!

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Podcast: Football Picks 2021 Week 5 (09/29/21)

September 29th, 2021 · Comments


Andy and John join Dave to recap another wild NFL weekend, punctuated by a dramatic win by the Packers over the 49ers in the Bay Area.  We look at al the big wins, big upsets by the Chargers in the pros and the NC State Wolfpack in college over Clemson.   Then we look ahead to Week 5's college action and Week 4 in the NFL and we continue the contest with our picks in both the NFL and NCAA.

Tags: Podcast · Football Picks

Podcast: Football Picks 2021 Week 4 (09-22-2021)

September 22nd, 2021 · Comments


The panel and Dave are back to look at what was a very exciting College Football weekend featuring Florida taking Alabama to the limit, and a WILD ending to the Ravens/Chiefs game that carried Baltimore to the upset.   The panel try to keep things rolling with picks for NFL Week 3 and NCAA Week 4 and we look at why the top teams in college are more vulnerable than usual.  Plus a look ahead to the NFL action featuring some great games between the Bucs and Rams, the Seahawks and Vikings, Chargers and Chiefs, and more.

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Podcast: Football Picks 2021 Week 3 (09-14-21)

September 14th, 2021 · Comments


John, Ron, and Dave are back after a week off to recap a great opening week in the NFL plus resume our Football Picks contest with Week 3 picks.  Andy will share his picks remotely tonight, and together, we'll get into one of the wildest Monday Night Football games ever which the Raiders won in overtime against Baltimore.   We also recap a rematch of the 2020 AFC Divisional Playoff between the Browns and Chiefs, an unlikely rally for the Lions keeping it close against the 49ers, a great back and forth Thursday Kickoff opener between the Bucs and Cowboys, and a lot more.

In college football, the panel look back on the biggest win for the Pac 12 in at least a decade where Oregon beat Ohio State in Columbus on Saturday.   However, the Pac 12 was a theme for another reason as Utah, USC, and Washington all got humiliated that same evening.  Clay Helton was fired on Monday, and the panel look ahead to what's next for USC and the Pac 12.  Plus our picks from both NFL and College action as the group tries to continue their streak after a combined 15-1 for Week 2 picks.

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Podcast: Football Picks 2021 Week 1 (09-01-2021)

September 1st, 2021 · Comments


The season begins!  Our Football Picks crew, Ron, John, Andy, and Dave are picking our best bets in football each week.  For Week 1, John and Andy join Dave on stream for a quick recap of the Week 0 games in college pigskin, then we segue to what looks like a huge opening weekend of NCAA Football.  Ron sends his picks via the text while the others share their Week 1 picks on air.   Can LSU bounce back from a miserable 2020 with a win at UCLA?   Who would win the huge showdown between Clemson and Georgia, two teams expected to make the playoff?   That and much, much more plus NFL predictions later in the show.

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In Memory of the Mawquis: 1974-2021

August 30th, 2021 · Comments


The themikefrancesa.com community lost a beloved poster, The Mawquis, back on July 13th, as many of us learned on his birthday, August 23rd.  On this tribute program, Dave, Gerry Will, Ron in NJ, A Couple Quickies and many many others come together to celebrate a most-memorable board poster.  We'll cover the constant he was on the message board, his great heart, his love for his mother, his wacky anecdotes, and the tragedy of his untimely death.    We also give a nod to his beloved teams:  Royals baseball, University of Tennessee football, and R.P.I. Hockey.  Plus, other folks from the Mike Francesa fan universe will stop by to share their memories of the beloved Mawquis and what he meant to all of us.  The DITCOW Family present a celebration of life for a one of a kind personality.


NOTE: Although not an actual Random Q's show, this episode includes a lot of our tmf.com friends in the spirit of previous Random Q's episodes.

Tags: Podcast · Random Questions

Podcast: 2021 College Football Preview Pt. 2 - Group of Five (08-17-2021)

August 17th, 2021 · Comments


John, Ron, and Dave resume the College Football Previews with our look at each of the Group of Five conferences.   Can Cincinnati have another good season after going undefeated in 2020?   Will UCF rebound after a mediocre 2020 season?  Can Boise State continue its success after losing long time coach Bryan Harsin, will San Diego State be good for another bowl, and can Nevada or San Jose State make another run toward a division title in the Mountain West?  Who will challenge for a New Years Six Bowl among the Group of Five, and could a CUSA or or MAC team crash the party?  All that and more as we round out part two College Football Preview Show.

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Podcast: 2021 College Football Preview Pt. 1 - Storylines and Power Five (08-16-2021)

August 16th, 2021 · Comments


John in CT and Ron in NJ are back for our 2021 College Football Preview Show!  In this episode, part one, we cover the season storylines which include forthcoming playoff expansion, new Name Image and Likeness allowances in the NCAA, and Oklahoma/Texas going to the SEC.    Later the crew offer our previews of each of the Power Five Conferences: The SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, and ACC.  

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