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In Memory of the Mawquis: 1974-2021

August 30th, 2021 · Comments


The community lost a beloved poster, The Mawquis, back on July 13th, as many of us learned on his birthday, August 23rd.  On this tribute program, Dave, Gerry Will, Ron in NJ, A Couple Quickies and many many others come together to celebrate a most-memorable board poster.  We'll cover the constant he was on the message board, his great heart, his love for his mother, his wacky anecdotes, and the tragedy of his untimely death.    We also give a nod to his beloved teams:  Royals baseball, University of Tennessee football, and R.P.I. Hockey.  Plus, other folks from the Mike Francesa fan universe will stop by to share their memories of the beloved Mawquis and what he meant to all of us.  The DITCOW Family present a celebration of life for a one of a kind personality.


NOTE: Although not an actual Random Q's show, this episode includes a lot of our friends in the spirit of previous Random Q's episodes.

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Podcast: Random Q’s with Parcells Falling Out, Euro Cup Recap (07-27-21)

July 27th, 2021 · Comments


Parcells Falling Out returns for a special daytime "Random Questions" show with Dave.   This time, we recap a really exciting Euro tournament in soccer won by the Team Italy a.k.a. Forza Azzuri.  Italy pull out the win in penalty kicks.   We get into the exciting finish, the meltdown of England penalty kickers near the end of the game, and much more from a great soccer tournament.  We'll also cover Copa America to a lesser extent and get into other potpourri while taking questions from YouTube chat!

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Podcast: Random Q’s Jersey Style with Ron and Gerry (07-07-2021)

July 7th, 2021 · Comments


Ron in NJ and Gerry Will return to DITCOW for a special NJ based Random Q's spot.  We'll chat about the summer so far, some sports, vacations, trips to the Caribbean, and a lot of off topic nonsense.  Plus we take questions from YouTube chat about all sorts of potpourri.

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Podcast: Random Q’s - The Godfather Edition (07-01-2021)

July 1st, 2021 · Comments


Junkie and Dave will let the audience offer a question they can't refuse on our special "Godfather Edition" of Random Q's.   Both folks will share their review of the ground-breaking "The Godfather" film plus their related observations of the mob film phenomenon.  It is an interesting perspective from two people who have never seen the film before this week.  Later, we take questions from YouTube chat about the film, the genre, and its impact on moviemaking.

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Podcast: Random Q’s - Junkie’s Back for the Summer (06-16-2021)

June 16th, 2021 · Comments


Kevin on the Cape, a.k.a. Junkie, returns to DITCOW for his first Random Q's show of the Summer.  Dave and Junkie dig into the summertime foods, playoff series in the NBA and NHL, we form our imminent plans to finally watch "The Godfather" on Amazon Prime video, and a lot more nonsense, plus your Random Questions from YouTube chat.

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Podcast: Random Q’s with Gerry in Piscataway (06-08-2021)

June 8th, 2021 · Comments


Gerry in Piscataway a.k.a. Gerry Will joins Dave for a special Random Q's show.  This week we chat about Gerry's a week in Aruba plus a lot of potpourri, including NYC eats, steakhouse sides, meatloaf, meatballs, fantasy baseball, and the struggles of Gerry's Yankees.   We'll be taking questions all episode long through YouTube's show chat.

Tags: Podcast · MLB · Random Questions · Music

Podcast: Random Q’s with Andy in Seattle, PGA Championship Predictions (05-17-2021)

May 17th, 2021 · Comments


Andy in Seattle returns to the City to chat about Seattle Barbecue and other scenarios on this week's "Random Questions."   We may hear from others on this program as we get an update on Andy's journey through Marvel's Cinematic Universe.  Lastly we get into the PGA Championship this coming weekend and make our predictions for the tournament.

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Blog: My New Twitch Show

April 30th, 2021 · Comments


I'm branching out to other media - yep, I am starting a spinoff show on Twitch.  Read on for deets. (more...)

Tags: Blog · Entertainment · Random Questions

Podcast: Random Q’s: FanDuel Grievances, Kevin Going West? (04-21-2021)

April 21st, 2021 · Comments


On this official Random Q's show with Kevin on the Cape (Junkie), both hosts share their grievances in Junkie's rookie FanDuel season with their buddies.   We cover the various issues with getting dependable hitters on an MLB duel and which players are the keys to win.

A Couple Quickies checks in later on and we reveal a bombshell:  neither Junkie nor Dave have seen "The Godfather!"  We also cover movies, songs in movies, one hit wonders, and terrible names for great bands.  Plus MUCH much more.

Tags: Podcast · Entertainment · Random Questions

Blog: This is a Test of the OBS System… and an impromptu RQ hour.

April 15th, 2021 · Comments

A couple nights back, Junkie was kind enough to join me (Dave) for a test of my new OBS setup, and we stayed on for a good hour to do our own Random Questions style show.

You'd be surprised how much content we can get without planning anything.  Folks typically don't leave up test streams, but this was too good.  Enjoy:


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