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Podcast: Random Q’s - Junkie’s Back for the Summer (06-16-2021)

June 16th, 2021 · Comments


Kevin on the Cape, a.k.a. Junkie, returns to DITCOW for his first Random Q's show of the Summer.  Dave and Junkie dig into the summertime foods, playoff series in the NBA and NHL, we form our imminent plans to finally watch "The Godfather" on Amazon Prime video, and a lot more nonsense, plus your Random Questions from YouTube chat.

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Podcast: Random Q’s with Gerry in Piscataway (06-08-2021)

June 8th, 2021 · Comments


Gerry in Piscataway a.k.a. Gerry Will joins Dave for a special Random Q's show.  This week we chat about Gerry's a week in Aruba plus a lot of potpourri, including NYC eats, steakhouse sides, meatloaf, meatballs, fantasy baseball, and the struggles of Gerry's Yankees.   We'll be taking questions all episode long through YouTube's show chat.

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Podcast: Random Q’s with Andy in Seattle, PGA Championship Predictions (05-17-2021)

May 17th, 2021 · Comments


Andy in Seattle returns to the City to chat about Seattle Barbecue and other scenarios on this week's "Random Questions."   We may hear from others on this program as we get an update on Andy's journey through Marvel's Cinematic Universe.  Lastly we get into the PGA Championship this coming weekend and make our predictions for the tournament.

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Blog: My New Twitch Show

April 30th, 2021 · Comments


I'm branching out to other media - yep, I am starting a spinoff show on Twitch.  Read on for deets. (more...)

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Podcast: Random Q’s: FanDuel Grievances, Kevin Going West? (04-21-2021)

April 21st, 2021 · Comments


On this official Random Q's show with Kevin on the Cape (Junkie), both hosts share their grievances in Junkie's rookie FanDuel season with their buddies.   We cover the various issues with getting dependable hitters on an MLB duel and which players are the keys to win.

A Couple Quickies checks in later on and we reveal a bombshell:  neither Junkie nor Dave have seen "The Godfather!"  We also cover movies, songs in movies, one hit wonders, and terrible names for great bands.  Plus MUCH much more.

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Blog: This is a Test of the OBS System… and an impromptu RQ hour.

April 15th, 2021 · Comments

A couple nights back, Junkie was kind enough to join me (Dave) for a test of my new OBS setup, and we stayed on for a good hour to do our own Random Questions style show.

You'd be surprised how much content we can get without planning anything.  Folks typically don't leave up test streams, but this was too good.  Enjoy:


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Podcast: Random Qs - The Questionarian, Pandemic TV Roundup (03-03-21)

March 3rd, 2021 · Comments


A Couple Quickies and Andy in Seattle join Dave for this special RQ's show "The Questionarian," featuring a review of the Disney+ sensation "The Mandalorian" along with a roundup of other TV series we've watched during the pandemic.  Plus your Random Questions as sent in via Twitter.

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Podcast: NBA Playoffs Live Random Q’s Show with Junkie, Oh Baby, and Santoro (09-03-20)

September 3rd, 2020 · Comments

Kevin on the Cape returns to DITCOW as he and a couple others do our latest  "Random Questions" show.  On this program, we went live to YouTube to chat about the NBA, Daily Fantasy Sports, and a number of big losses in sports: Lute Olson, John Thompson, and Tom Seaver.  We also chat about the great Chadwick Boseman who starred in "Black Panther" and "42" among other fine movies as he died the previous weekend.  Later bring in Oh Baby (Jordan) for his podcast debut and bring back Santoro.  The crew get into some other random potpourri like a tribute to Greg Maddux's excellent pitching career, recent allegations outing Ellen's tyrant behavior behind the scenes, the latest Netflix shows like "Peeky Blinders," and a sprinkling of other topics.

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Podcast: A to Z - Zoom Party!

June 17th, 2020 · Comments

Part Z and our Final Episode of the "A to Z" Anthology Series is our culminating "Zoom Party!" featuring our co-host Kevin on the Cape and a bunch of other good friends who were on previous A to Z shows:  John in Orlando, Ron in NJ, Mike in North NJ, Andrew and Karen in Denver, and representing Gerry from Piscataway's appearances is his baseball coverage partner Ari in Philadelphia.   First, the gang looks in suspended disbelief at Dave's hair on the Zoom feed, then we segue to favorite TV show themes, things we discovered during the shutdown, movies we last saw in the theater, favorite "pandemic drinks," and many other topics - including pancakes.  We wrap up and reflect on our favorite moments of the anthology, then offer other reflections on an unusual but notable time in human history.

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Podcast: A to Z - YOTS Will Return to Host

June 10th, 2020 · Comments

Part Y of our "A to Z" Anthology Series brings back John in Orlando also known as "YOTS" to the program.  This week we talk about the re-opening of restaurants both in Orlando and in SoCal, especially our favorite sports bar, TONY P's in Marina Del Rey, CA.  We get into some other topics with various sports leagues ramping up for a return, and Dave covers the meat of the program with a series of his own "A to Z Random Questions" each one pertaining to a previously aired episode from our anthology series, so every topic from A up through Y with two notable exceptions:  The "M" episode was just a brief update on the pandemic itself so it was not a complete enough episode to use for material, and Dave foolishly skipped over the "F" question from the FanDuel episode which would have asked YOTS what sport he would pick for a FanDuel contest.    Lastly we tease our forthcoming A to Z Finale, the "Zoom Party!"

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