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A Scary-Accurate Dino Costa Impersonation

May 19th, 2015

Four years ago, on a certain message board, a certain Oat Man made this post lampooning America's 3028th most popular Sports Host Dino Costa:

":dinor costar:

Once again it is i dino costa entering your tiny little world to grace you with the presence of a true american hero. And I see that this gatar fellow is back to ignoring the genius that flows out of my lips each and every day. I mean how many shows must I topple before I am included in your petty little fake conversations. My ratings have climbed to the peaks of the radio industry. My followers are often heard screaming my name as they climax. I can't possibly do more to show you just how superior I am. The excellence that I piss is well beyond that of other sports hosts that you worship over. Put me on any radio station with a pulse and I will deliver that station to the level that even mount everest couldnt dream of. I hope all of you remain peaceful in my absence and remember just how lucky you are to have lived to see the day that my written words scrolled across your screen. "

I hadn't laughed so hard that whole month, September 2011.  I put up with Dino Costa for nearly a year on Sirius XM... took a while to realize he was an incredibly cheap imitation of Skip Bayless.  Right??  Onward.

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