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Blog: A CPR Story

June 8th, 2017


A quick recap of my CPR training day, and other assorted nonsense. 

Months ago, our office was scheduled to attend CPR training.  Unfortunately, the training was scheduled on the same day our email systems migrated to Office365.   The timing was just bad, and I had to stay to follow up on the emails.

So, weeks ago, as recommended by the management, I was allowed to take time off to attend CPR training on my own.  A different experience from the rest of the office, no doubt.

When I got there, in a small medical facility that was part of UCLA, the Rehab Center to be exact, I passed by some addicts in waiting and settled into a small classroom.

I was one of only two people there, the other lady was a medium aged nurse named Wilma.  When I sat down all I could think of was "Willllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

The program was a series of discussions and video demonstrations, poorly acted video demonstrations, but they were effective.   We got a good idea how to react in many different medical emergencies.  It covered a lot of ground: bug bites, cuts, broken bones, and the biggie, CPR.

CPR is intense, more than one might expect.   It takes a lot of panache, a calming of nerves, and then you just jam a guys chest over and over until the guy or gal starts breathing.  We practiced on the big dummy, then we practiced on the baby dummy, and we also practiced on a child dummy.  There was a small EKG generator machine involved and THAT had to be followed to the letter, but the machine yelled all the instrcutions to you automatically.  I was getting pretty good with the dummies!   I was going pound, pound, pound, go, go, go, push, push, foof [this was the breath into the mouth], pound, pound, pound, pound, go, go, go, go, go.  Michelle was our instructor and she did a great job explaining all the scenarios and Wilma was getting a groove with the CPR practice also.

The training was pretty short with only two persons present, and we got our exam and completion certificate by 1pm.  Do the dance!

I felt good learning all those things and we got a book with all the procedures for quick reference.   Not a bad day.  

* * *

I feel like your chances of enjoying the TV show "Friends" greatly decreases when you are a dude.  How many women do you know who watch "Friends?"  A million, right?  How many dudes do you know who watch and GENUINENLY enjoy "Friends."  I do not know of one... not one.  I realize that I never ascertained the question to my friends who partake in same sex relationships, but overall, a dude on average is indifferent or can't stand that show.

I think a lot of us saw "Friends" back on NBC long ago, but in my case I was watching "Friends" to kill time before "Seinfeld."   I don't remember a ton about it.

Ever hear that add-on to the Happy Birthday song kids used to do?  They would go "Happy Birthday to you, etc." then add "And many more, on Channel 4, and Scooby Doo on Channel 2."

I thought of it during a birthday party this year and it hit me just how old I really am.  That is OLD.  Not only is Scooby Doo not on Channel 2 anymore, but I don't think Scooby Doo is on TV at all.

And, "Channel 4?  Channel 2?"   We have so many more channels and they're all different in different peoples' homes.   The Channel Numbers don't help a lot unless its the basic channels.  It's a new world now baby!

That is all for now, friends.  Maybe "Friends" is on Channel 2 now.  You may get "Wheel of Fortune" instead in your market.  Vanna White is going to turn 60.  Holy cow!!  Where does the time go?

Take care, you fine looking people...


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