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Blog: A RARE Chunky Soup Disappointment

January 31st, 2017


It finally happened.   It was soup that ate like a letdown.   I'll share the deets, plus other nonsense. 

I have a very high opinion of Campbell's Chunky Soup.   I've had Chunky Soup for years and years, and each one of those cans are feasts.   More than that, they are so creative coming up with useful new flavors.  Look at those cans in the picture.   A hearty pizza flavor?   I gotta check that out.

I truly believed that if I went to the store and reached into the shelf at random, I could pick out a good can of soup for the night.  I would not even have to look at it.  I'd just bring the soup home and enjoy.  It worked out that way a lot.   Pick any flavor you want, just give it to me and I'd find something tasty in it.

So, it comes as a great surprise that I found an extremely bland Chunky Soup flavor on Sunday.    I'm still stunned.  I didn't have much going that night, so I put on a can of their New England Clam Chowder and went to town; but what town is this?!

Am I so spoiled by the many high quality clam chowders along the California Coast?   Campbell's really put out a flavor that was as bland a chowder as I ever had.  There was virtually *no* taste.   The only taste I recall was from the potatoes.   I toughed it out; the clams are still good protein.  However, I sat, bewildered, at how terrible it was.  It was nothing like the sirloin steak burger frenzy, or the corn and chicken chipotle chowder, even that savory pot roast you see above in the first picture.

I don't know what to think.  This was a SPECTACULARLY lame flavor, unfit for the line of quality Chunky Soup products we grew to love over two decades.   I have one other can of soup in the pantry, a different flavor, I'll go taste that later on to renew my faith in Campbell's.

Unbelievable... it really is.

* * *

Does the autocorrect change the "centers" to "centres" on a Canadian phone?

If you go out somewhere and don't know the area well, would you at least know the diameter or circumference?

A house is not a home until it has people.

How did it wind up that Oprah Winfrey got on the cover of every *single* issue of her own magazine? Even if it's her magazine, won't she get bored after a while? "I was already on here 300 times, I'm out of poses! Let's get someone else."

I was in a Vegas casino elevator once and it did not just skip 13 but it skipped a whole bunch of floors in the 40s.  I read about the background of 4 in Chinese and other cultures and it's not merely bad luck but literally translated the "4" means "death" in Chinese. How wild is that?? It is only a recent phenomenon because buildings used to not go that high in Vegas.

The sequel to "the Ring" is coming out. I saw the original movie: could you imagine if they put that video on YouTube??

Tony Romo is soon to star in the next Ring sequel called "No Rings."

Benny's Tacos is best known for their rotisserie chicken, but DO NOT sleep on their hard shell beef tacos.  I tried a couple just to add it onto another order and those tacos blew me away!

These tacos are really done up, as one would expect for a three dollar price tag.  Here's what they look like, above, taken from the Benny's website.   Sour cream on top, lettuce, cheese, and the picture actually *undersells* the amount of meat.  They really pack in a big helping of ground beef.  Fantastic.  Benny's service is outstanding, and I'm positive they could change the meat to chicken, fish, or anything you want, really.

That's all from here, have a good week everyone.

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