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Blog: Biscuits

February 10th, 2017


Is the biscuit our planet's most wonderful mistake?   How'd they come up with them?  Plus other nonsense.  (Photo courtesy of tastykitchen.com ) 

I did some reading on biscuits today.  I simply wanted to know: what made a biscuit?  Just looking at them, it seems like they took the dough they were going to use for bread and just set aside a few chunks to bake on their own.  In this instance, they wound up forgetting the yeast since it's all packed together. 

It turns out, that idea wasn't far off.   The difference between a biscuit and a piece of bread is that baking soda is used instead of yeast, so no fluff.  Or at least, not the kind of fluff that renders the dough soft after baking.  Instead you see it baked, it hardens, and it comes out very dense.  Legend has it that biscuits were made dense because they kept a little longer and were easy to store.

I did some more reading on it, and it's clear biscuits have no nutritional value.   Unbelievable, fellas.  Not even a couple vitamins or something.  

I suppose that's it.  I thought I had more topics, but I didn't sleep as much as I thought.   Onward.  Catch you all soon!