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Blog: Coffee for Lunch

August 29th, 2016

I know picture from photo sites with the watermarks are cheap looking, but I really liked this one.   Who can't enjoy coffee for lunch? 

Do you find lunch too late an hour for a coffee?  It just depends on your mood and your energy level.

If you missed it, I hope you can check out my previous blog entry titled "Nightly Juice."  It was that!   Hopefully you will enjoy it too.

Usually I find coffee in the afternoon risky because it could keep me up all night.   However, it goes really well with a sandwich.

Ice Cream is risky for your health at any time of the day.

Honeydew melons are among my favorite, but I got confused at the store the other day when I saw one of them was labeled an "orange melon."  I thought those were cantaloupes.

When a song climbs the pop charts, why does it plummet so hard after hitting it's peak?   Did everybody just decide altogether, "well the song was #4, let's stop buying it!"   What if you didn't get around to it yet?   How do those songs do that?   Two weeks ranked #2 on the pop chart and then the next week it's #37.   The heck is that??

I just sat here for 13 minutes and could not come up with another line.   Unbelievable.

I guess they can't all be winners, right?  More to come in the next entry.   Take care, y'all.

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