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Blog: Dave vs Birthday Season

May 31st, 2016

My sister and I made a calculated decsision last week to move back our joint-birthday party to Memorial Day weekend.  A great choice that was, too!   It was a tremendous weekend for a party.   My family set up a great time for us both.  We had the usual treats, desserts and such.  We did the barbecue again, with some well barbecued skewers and chicken.  My Dad was on fire this weekend... he really nailed those grilled meats.  

We got our presents.  Wildest one I got was these Homer Simpson slippers.  Each one is a fascimile of his face!   Now when I go to the kitchen I can put on my "Homers."

We celebrate our birthdays together because her birth date is two days before mine, albeit several years apart.   It kicked off a very fun weekend.

A lot of folks I know spend Memorial Day weekend with their families and parents.   I really enjoy that, and I'm glad to have done the same.  I remember the one year I stayed home and I thought it was extremely awkward.  I'm sitting on my couch going "what am I doing?   I could be grilling things with my family right now."

I was invited to a departmental end of year potluck party, and once again I will make the annual tradition of not going.

The basic things in life are universal, except in other countries.

I saw the "Angry Birds" movie this weekend.  If you can make that into a movie, you can make *anything* into a movie.  Coming soon to theatres:   He was an underprivileged letter growing up in the streets of Chicago, but then he found some other letters.  Together, they fought for what was right and tried to win a tournament.  WORDS WITH FRIENDS - THE MOVIE.

You know how they say you should mix in a salad?  I like to mix in taco salad.

Is there anything at all that cannot be improved by adding cheese?   I never like to over-do it with the cheese, but adding cheese to a cheeseless situation creates an unexpected harmony.

Does your meat shop still sell you pounds of meat wrapped in paper?   It threw me off one time ordering meat from Bay Cities.   I thought "how is this going to keep?  it's just wax paper."   I took it out of the paper and put it into tupperware to make sure it sealed well.

Nothing's deflating like that container you get that won't seal.    Even if it doesn't need the seal you want the damn seal!  things have to be maintained with proper air environment.  Food ages less with the properly sealed container.

We haven't heated up out here like most of the nation yet, but we will in due time.  Watch out SF Giants!

More to come at a time later than this one, have a good Tuesday.

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