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Blog: DITCOW Presents the “A to Z” Podcast Series

March 12th, 2020


America will go a while without organized sports.  How about we try a new Random Q podcast series to fill the gap?   Here are the deets...

It's been a tough time for a lot of us globally.  Within what feels like a week, we went from playing sports nationwide to cancelling all of them entirely for a number of weeks.  That's tough to absorb for any sports fan.

At DITCOW, I, Dave, the creator of this site and the podcast, wanted to help liven the mood as we brace ourselves for more potential closures and possible setbacks.  I want to institute the "A to Z" series of Random Questions shows that we will publish as we find the guests.  The concept is to publish them in alphabetical order, meaning, long time guests and new guests together can have their spots in order of their first name.   Naturally the odds on favorite to lead off is Andy in Seattle, but we'll see.  Every show we do will be published within a short time frame.   Still, the unusual publishing order may lead to some topical conversation that won't make sense once you hear it.

Part of that, of course, figures to involve our very popular long time RQ co-host Kevin on the Cape.  Many of the regulars you know and love will appear - our golf crew, some of the Football Picks panel, the baseball guys Gerry and hopefully Ari, and with that, some fresh faces you haven't heard before.  I want to do this for you guys - for the ones who listened from the start.  I think it'd be fun and hopefully you agree as you tune in.  If you like it enough, please give us a good review on the Apple Podcasts app, it would mean so much.

So - we begin a new adventure.  This sports podcast will continue to entertain you... even without the sports!   Let's do the dance, yea?


ADDENDUM (March 13th): I chatted with Junkie this morning, and he pointed me to a really good revision idea.  The "A to Z" can refer to either names or topics.  So if we decide to do a show on Baseball we file that under "B".   If Kevin comes on we can put that under "K" or if we were to talk about quarantines, we file under "Q".  It'll make sense as the episodes get published.  All the best!

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