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Blog: False Start!

August 17th, 2016

I spoke too soon regarding our 2016 College Football Preview Podcast.  Tonight, the show is on!   I confirmed availability for our college experts John and Ron.   Now on to some other thoughts...

Do some people, who aren't up on the Olympics, put on NBC and go "it's been the same show every day for a week!   When are they going to put the other shows back?"

To *truly* evaluate how good a place is to live, you really have to live there for a complete 12 month cycle.   When you think of it that way, most of the West Coast is doing pretty well.

If you kidnapped me and moved me to another state along the coast, even Nevada or Arizona -- ok not Arizona, way too hot -- but the other ones, I think I'd do all right.  I spent some summer weeks in Oregon last year.  I loved it.  But *now* I need to see Oregon in the winter, see if I'm ready for it.  I hear the climate doesn't get too extreme compared to the East.  Washington has "a lot of rain" they say but rain itself doesn't bother me a ton, I think that whole scene is overrated.   I *wish* I had rain.  I love rain.   It'd be great to have rain right now instead of these massive fires.

You know when they show diving on TV, the diver dries oneself with the tiny rag before he or she jumps off?   The *rag* is doing a dive of its own, but the evil part is it goes right onto the deck, splat!  That's gotta hurt!

I still can't believe I spent 26 dollars on 8 pieces of fried chicken last weekend.  Man I was steamed... went over there and tried to break it down and I could not see a scenario where 8 pieces of chicken was worth that much.  The place was Gus's down on Crenshaw.   I gave that menu a look... it is a such an inverse relationship:   usually buying chicken in bulk with no sides costs less, but not here... it is that weird anomaly where buying in bulk is MORE expensive!  I would be better off just getting the combo and even paying less for just as many pieces.  It was something like 22 for two 3 piece combos with two sides plus a side of bread each.  Unbelievable.   

So I took these overpriced chicken pieces into my car and I was so hungry I started eating each piece, one at a time and cot damn that chicken was so good.  It was spectacular... you know what Gus's fried chicken is?  It's a buffalo wing turned inside out is what it is.  They put the buffalo sauce on the chicken and THEN fry it, so the buffalo sauce is on the *inside*.  That first bite is unbelievable.

So I'm driving some more, I am going through Beverly Hills and I go after another piece, then another, then another, carefully grabbing each piece with one of those narrow ole napkins.  I didn't even get a piece of bread with this stuff, but so good, all of those pieces.  By the time I get home I was down to four pieces.  I settled down after that.

To counteract that colossal waste of money, albeit a very delicious one, I chose to buy some ingredients for a big pasta meal.   I got the usual De Cecco rigatoni, then the Bertolli tomato and basil pasta sauce, and this time out I got some hot italian turkey sausage, all of that together was under 11 dollars.   I cooked that on Tuesday, and had enough for three meals.   I usually foul up the sausage somehow with my cooking but *this* time it was right on.   The difference this time is that I got the instruction to spray the pan with oil rather than oil, and it was a great suggestion: the pam let the sausage links brown much more effectively.  The pasta was tremendous... I put more salt into the water before I boiled it, which helped achieve a better texture.   Not too underdone, it was the best pasta texture I ever made.

I am going to try to stretch that pasta into Thursday, and I believe I have enough for a Thursday night meal.

While all of that was happening, I went to Carl's Jr. and saw a 2 for $6.50 deal.   I could choose any two of four different kind of sandwiches.  This time out I selected the turkey burger and the bbq chicken sandwich.  Both of those were under 500 cals each and I had the turkey burger on Tuesday.  I put the BBQ chicken into the fridge and will have that Thursday.  I couldn't pass up such a good deal.   I went with the healthy sandwiches too!

I have to squeeze in some olympics commentary into one of my podcasts somewhere.  Maybe a complete recap will follow next week.

I did some hardcore reading to prepare for the College Football preview -- Coach and Canadian Karen went on vacation for 5 days solid, and in those five days I spent the majority of them studying college football information at home, and at Starbucks.  Starbucks certainly got to know me this weekend!   I was there on Monday night too finishing the last of the previews from my Athlon Sports College Preview magazine.  I really enjoyed that extensive solitude.   

I'm so pumped for college football to start, as we will reveal in the podcast tomorrow, there are a lot of exciting teams to watch and possibly some surprises on the way.  College Football is in such a great place.

More on that and other stuff as we go along.  Take care, all!

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