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Blog: Literally, a blog post

August 23rd, 2016

Today we speak of "tangibles."    And while we speak of tangibles, this blog entry is brought to you by Tangelos.

Do you think you have it made with oranges?   Try a tangelo... it will rock your world.  It is like comparing black and white TV to color.  Tangelos take the best of that orange taste and multiply it 3-fold.  It's amazing.   You can get tangelos at most grocery stores here in the west.  Enjoy.

So, tangibles.   I've heard a lot of women say that they did a lot of things literally, even if only some of those moments were tangible outcomes.  For instance, someone says "I'm literally a cheese sandwich."   Are you really?   I don't feel a cold firm texture from your edges.    I don't see two pieces of bread around you.     No big deal, though.   I think it's amusing to see the depths to which the injection of "literal" can invoke situations that aren't that literal.  I'm just as guilty.

I bet I could beat all those guys in the marathon if I had a bicycle.

There are a lot of shows on Netflix now, and we still call them "TV Shows."   What will happen when Netflix and sources like it *are* the networks?   Do we still call a TV a TV?   This is akin to the argument for making recordings.  Some guys still say they are "taping" a show or another event.   Yet, the use of actual tape is no longer.  That's some wild stuff, huh?

Last week there was a BIG power outage caused by a mylar baloon.  When it happened I heard a loud POW from the transformer, and neighbors went outside.  I went outside too, and looked down they alley, and this mylar baloon was wedged between two wires on the power pole.  What is that called?   "Telephone pole?"   It's the pole for the power lines.

I could not believe the power was back up in only two hours!  And it came on right as I was lighting the candles too, fitting.

What if you went up to ladies and bragged about your "power pole?"  Would that get them going?

It occurred to me my inordinate knowledge of game shows.  Of all the things to be an expert it's inane useless game shows.   What is my lot in life?   I can't write a program to save my life, but I can tell you exact cost of eggs on "the Price is Right."

Finally got to try the chicken and waffle breakfast at "Bru's Wiffle."  That happened on Saturday.   Good fun.  Good waffle.

You used to have to drive all the way to the middle of town for a waffle like that with crispy chicken.  There are a few such places right here in Santa Monica now!   Another one is Bruxie, a takeout place with fantastic chicken and waffles with some tremendous maple syrup.

The use of kale between all ingredients massively improved my well being.  I feel better, now.  Maybe it's psycological but I hear it's really good for the digestive system.  Peaches are too, by the way.

Dang peaches, sad news, and I knew it all along, we are now into the "peach mush" phase of peach season.  The ineveitable decline of peach quality nationwide as we head for Fall.   Peach lifers still tough out peach mush, but if you're only a casual fan, it's natural to move onto other fruit.  Strawberries are still in fine form however.

I just said I am feeling better these days but we had a notable exception last night, and I don't know if it was the orange juice I had, the grapes, or the chicken; maybe it was that mushy peach, but there was a full blown civil war going on in my body at 1am.   I woke up thinking it was 4am and looked over, only 1am!  That meant I was only asleep about an hour.  Unbelievable.  So we went over and let the battles play out in the bathroom.   I think it got ugly for a while but once the offensive front got going it settled down.   I had a moment where I thought it was more serious, like Chron's disease or some jazz, but I doubt it.  In fact, right afterward I felt great!   These things are bound to happen.  

Get yourself some organic fiber and go!  Have a great week everyone.

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