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Blog: My Journey

January 23rd, 2017


An update on where I've been, why I was absent from the podcast last week, and other funny scenarios in my head. 

If you were wondering where I've been, I'm still here and still alive.   I am operating on a reduced schedule this year for the podcast.   I started a new day-job at a new department and a new office at UCLA.  Things are good.   It wasn't the lofty job I was looking for but it is somewhere in between the job I had where I was running around tending to really basic tech support and where I want to be, managing server systems and networks.

I manage systems at my new day job as well.  It's a nice environment, it's also a smaller overall group, maybe way smaller.  My day to day clientele is between 20 and 60 persons.  That's remarkable, almost a throwback to my first full time job at UCSB.   For whoever's wondering, I got a nominal salary increase for my current job.  So far so good.

I've been reflecting a lot in my last few weeks.   I haven't quit the podcast, that will probably not die any time soon.  We always have sports and other stuff to get into, but I do have news regarding our long time co-host Kevin on the Cape/CT.

Two weeks ago, our beloved Kevin had a major health scare.  I think many of us who collaborated with him and know him as a friend were shaken by the news.  I'm thankful to report he's discharged from the hospital and feeling better, but I realize recuperation after the fact will be a long journey.  Kevin's been in good spirits and I hear from him now and again.

I'm glad Mr. Kevin is OK.  We all were so worried for him that weekend, and I stayed in touch with both Kevin and his wife.  That's one that sits with you for a while.   Even someone you only met once in person, we certainly have met many times over the telephone doing our "Random Questions" podcasts.   Definitely makes all of us think of how much he meant to all of us, and it shows that life can be positively human.

Between that and the challenges of my new job, I was reflecting a lot, rowing a boat on a wide open imaginary sea.   I'm turning 35 this year and still not where I want to be yet, but I hope that I am getting closer.  I think I made a nice step career-wise.   I can learn and grow.  So, you see that sun way up there in the picture?   That's where I'm headed.  

I have to head to places mentally right now because I'm so depleted of vacation time that I can't actually travel anywhere for months, hahahahahahahahahaha.  Can you believe it??   I did it again -- my travels can punish me like that, but I'll be back.

Had to make a choice between cooking a Hello Fresh meal and laundry tonight, and I picked cooking.   Food is much more at risk of going bad so we will cook.

I cooked a lot of wheel pasta last week, and it was amazing.  But what *kills* me is that I spilled a whole lot of it on Friday when I was trying to seal the tupperware container and lift it towards the counter at the same time.  I didn't seal the container right so the pasta went flying!  It was all over the counter and the floor and the drawers with the sauce still on it.  It's like a guy got obliterated by a machine gun in the kitchen.  I lost a whole plate worth of pasta that night.   It was so good too!  I am still mad at myself for this.

Maybe it has to do with recent events, but I'm struggling to get out at night lately.   I find myself gravitating towards the bed and just going to sleep.   That's ridiculous -- I need to find better things to do than just stay in for no reason.  I know that saves money but it's silly.

Steelers lost the AFC Championship last night in embarrassing fashion.  Honestly, I have nothing to say about it.  It was rough.

My parents got a new projector for their living room.  They can now put on a HUGE screen for TV and movies.   It's impressive from the pictures I got in texts.

Papa John's has a deal where if either the Kings, Ducks, or Clippers win, you get 50% off your online order the next day.   They all played on Saturday night, a day before the NFC/AFC Championships.   THEY ALL LOST!  The Ducks loss was the wackiest one of all.  They were leading the Wild in Minnesota 3-2 deep into the 3rd period, and in a two minute span they gave up 3 goals.   That is the equivalent of having a 20 four hands in a row in blackjack and losing all of them.

Last week we had National Popcorn Day, and I went to the new Santa Monica Arclight to get some popcorn.   It got dicey when I tried to get home... I realized there was no way a bus was going to let me board with a big tub of popcorn.   So, that night, I had to walk it home, about 2 miles from the theater, down 3rd Street Promenade, and into my apartment.   My room mate asked "what movie did you see?"  I said, "I just went to get popcorn."

I didn't come close to finishing it... that thing is enormous.  I made it about 20% and saved the rest, then ate the remainder over two additional days.

DineLA restaurant week is still going and BOA steakhouse in Santa Monica has a killer prixe fixe menu, chowder/beet salad course number one, then a filet mignon, and somewhere in there you get a cookie with ice cream.  With that Fliet Mignon, you get some grilled veggies and other sides.  Everyone says BOA makes great steak anyway, and I have to have in on that soon.  It's a great deal, as steakhouse "deals" go.

On the other hand, the McDonald's app had a really good offer on Saturday: free medium fries and medium drink w/ Big Mac Purchase.   You get the whole combo with the purchase of just the sandwich.   That will be the best food-per-dollar value I have the whole month.

Next weekend is the NHL All Star Game.  LA really going all out for the event, and LA live will be its own hockeytown.  I wonder if that NHL 100 ceremony at Microsoft Theater is worth it?  I am intrigued by it, it could be an interesting event.

That's all from here.  I think the Lakers went back to being a sinking ship again, 49 point loss to the Mavericks, I mean it really can't get any worse as a Lakers fan, can it?  Onward.

Take care you all!

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