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Blog: My New Twitch Show

April 30th, 2021


I'm branching out to other media - yep, I am starting a spinoff show on Twitch.  Read on for deets.

I joined Twitch in late March this year, which makes no sense on the surface.  Why would I dial into video game streams?

A friend pointed me there when she noticed a whole lot of live performers joined Twitch as a means to supplement income while they were out of work during the pandemic.   So, if you can believe it, it became a really good music scene.  

It's incredible how much talent there is on Twitch.  I'm positively mesmerized.  Just as cool was the chat interface which exceeds anything I've seen since our days podcasting with Blogtalkradio.

Thus, I was inspired to do a non-sports Twitch show in tandem with DITCOW on YouTube.  The original idea was to take the City there, and do the regular sports/variety show *on* Twitch.  It was a great idea until I realized the complication with my Twitch name, davyiseatingasandwich:


There was going to be no explaining how I could be "Davy" on all the chat rooms and "Dave" when I go on air, so I abandoned the 'Cow simulcast.

For Twitch, I decided on a spinoff program.  My new show is called "Davy is Eating a Sandwich", derived from a line my cousin used when he caught me eating a sandwich.   

So, what is it?  I don't know yet, HA.   To start, it will be my buddies and me talking about food or music, or I'd be promoting another channel on Twitch.  We'll have a Random Questions hour like the DITCOW of old.  Junkie's already on board for Episode One.  I whiteboarded a cooking segment, a karaoke segment, and a musical mad libs segment, but the latter two depend on how well I learn piano this spring.

I always have to remember that "less is more" so I don't want to be too strict with segments, I'll give everyone a chance to spread their wings.

I'm most excited at what the chat potential will bring.  On Twitch you can do chats with smileys, known as emotes there, polls, and lots of other wildness.

I invite you to join!  We'll be at twitch.tv/davyiseatingasandwich  on Tuesday nights from 8pm until 10pm Eastern.   You can still call me "Dave" down there, or "Davy,"  "Vid," "Verd," "David,"  "Mush,"  whatever you want.  

I'm actually very nervous about this!   I don't know why, but either way I'm excited to try this out.  Hope to see you too!  

* * *

You know how in "Heart of Gold," Neil Young says, "I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood..."?  Neil, nobody cares about Redwood, why would you bring that up?

I actually got a kick out of the new series of Progressive commercials, with one of them spoofing "Dawson's Creek" at the laundromat, and another one where they try to dial it down until 3/5 of N'SYNC show up at the door.  These are pretty good!

That's all for now.  Have a great weekend!

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