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Blog: Potato Chips

May 17th, 2017


Time to look at potato chips and a few other odds and ends -- I missed you guys!

You know that Lay's commercial that says "you can't have just one?"  How did they know that?   I eat a potato chip and cotdamn, I gotta go get another one.  Sometimes I have to get three chips, or four chips.

Boy that traffic getting home today was a zoo.  A friend of mine, John in Brooklyn, used to write fake Dave blog entries where I went rogue and started mutilating people when they pissed me off, something crazy like that.  He called this rogue Dave "THE OCCUPANT."

Point of all that is, I was so angry at that traffic that I was really wanted to go full rogue on cars on the street in the parking lot.   I pulled up and this lady in a Lexus and I hit the interesection in the parking lot and she went VRRROOM like a false start.  That made me think "what would happen if I took my beat up Camry and just ramed her ass?"  HAHAHAHAHA "and then just drove away."

Not sure if I'd ever do that for real, but I was looking at all the boxes of cereal and I thought "what I was just a d-bag to everybody today?"   And while that whole thing is terrible, I got some satisfaction out of not having to be polite to anyone.

After a few moments I came to my senses and then I finally got a smile on my face when I inquired about the new deli counter chicken tenders, and the guy gave me a chicken tender FOR FREE!   Unbelievable! 

I couldn't be thinking up ways to screw people after that.   The deli guy did me a solid.

I thought of my next vacation too, and this time around I want to be on my own.  Just get away from people.  At least for part of the vacation... a perfect moment would be going out near the beach, taking in a chair and sipping a cold beverage while looking at the ocean.

Let us all hope for that eventual day "in the sun."  Catch you all soon!