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Blog: To Dodger Fans…

October 29th, 2017


It is exceedingly rare when I re-post something I wrote on my personal Facebook wall, but I think it merits re-publishing on this space.  Here is what I wrote following a spectacular, yet heart-breaking Dodgers World Series Game 5 loss. 


I'm gonna give a lot of credit to the Dodgers bats for battling back over and over. I'm gonna step outside of myself for a moment.

I'm gonna be someone else -- not Dave Medina, not a guy who lives in California, not a guy who lives on Earth at all. Now my impartial fictitious character believes that knowing what we know so far, everything sets up for a Game 7.

Now I step back into Earth, back into California, back into my apartment, and back into my body. It is a A LOT to ask to beat Justin Verlander on a big stage with everything on the line. They can do it, but its going to take perfect execution and that includes Dave who has managed just HORRENDOUSLY most of this series, but detached out of orbit human does see this evening itself out... because that's what these teams are, evenly matched. agree?

PS: That was a spectacular World Series game, no question.

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