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Dan Heck; Justin in L.I.; More Funtime w/ Funtime; John Wood; Steelers, Packers make SB (01-24-11)

January 24th, 2011

Four surprise guests join Dave on a surprising night in the City.  Dave reflects on a thrilling AFC Championship and the Steelers' umpteenth trip to the Super Bowl.   RD, Dan Heck, joins Dave to sum up the Jets' season and their frustration in the AFC Championship.

Surprise guest number two: Justin in Long Island (Football Pick'em Podcast) to explain how the Jet did not live to the overwhelming hype, why GB could dominate in Super Bowl XLV, and a defense of Jay Cutler's absence from the field while suffering a knee injury.

Surprise guest number three: Matthew Funtime for another Funtime w/ Funtime where we discuss: Funtime calling into the Boomer and Carton morning show on WFAN; Funtime's Band -- Apple Tracy; Mike Francesa's many instrumental talents; and the greatness of Elton John.

Surprise guest number four: John Wood of Football Pick'em, to look at the joy of seeing his Packers in the Super Bowl and other assorted NFL thoughts.

It's a big Championship Sunday recap show along with some other fun surprises along the way.

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