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Football Picks 2020: Week 2 Results

September 21st, 2020

Ron in NJ dominates again, going 3-0 in picks.  Leonard Fournette screwed over the rest of the panel - details after the jump.   Complete results.

Ron in NJ went 3-0 (6 pts.)
Hits: Packers, Seahawks, Louisiana Tech
Misses: [none]

Andy in Seattle went 2-1 (4 pts.)
Hits: 49ers, Miami
Misses: Panthers +9
*NOTE: UNCC/UNC was cancelled due to COVID19, so we instead used Andy's alternate pick

John in CT went 1-2 (2 pts.)
Hits: Georgia St.
Misses: Panthers, Eagles

Dave in the City went 1-2 (2 pts.)
Hits: Ravens
Misses: Panthers, Western Kentucky

In Guest Picks, Tom in NJ went 1-2 (2 pts.)
Hits: 49ers
Misses: Chiefs, USF

What did Leonard Fournette have to do with all of this?  He is the running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Bucs tried to fight off a big rally from the panel's triple-checker-on-a-checker Panthers and the Panthers were well within 9 points inside the 2 minute mark.  Fournette had an open seam in the slot and took it to the house - the *problem* for our panel was that the touchdown covered the spread for the Bucs.  The game appeared to be in hand, so a first down was sufficient.  Had Fournette stopped after fifteen yards, the Bucs could kneel on the ball and end the game.  This kind of luck finds would-be prognosticators all the time; chalk it up to a bad break.

With all that in the books, here are the standings after two weeks.

Ron: 12 pts. (6-0)
John: 6 pts. (3-3)
Dave: 6 pts. (3-3)
Andy: 4 pts. (2-4)

Guest Picks are 3-3 this season for 6 pts.

Join us for our Week 3 Football Picks/U.S. Open hybrid show with Mike in North NJ representing the guest pickers.  The panel will look to rebound from a bad beat and recap an insane Week 2 in NFL action which included the unbelievable Cowoys comeback on the Falcons, a fantastic Sunday Night between the Pats and Hawks, plus the Week 3 games ahead.  We then segue to a U.S. Open recap where the guys recap a big performance by Bryson DeChambeau to win the 2020 edition of the championship.

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