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Football Picks 2020: Week 4

September 30th, 2020

Gerry in Piscataway sends the guest picks this week as we bring you the best bets from the NFL and NCAA.  Can John, Dave, or Andy cut into Ron's lead in the contest standings?  Complete Picks.

Ron in NJ (16 pts., 8-1 this season)
Bucs -7.5 vs Chargers
Raiders +3 vs Bills
College: Cincinnati -21.5 vs South Florida

Dave in the City (10 pts., 5-4)
Colts -2.5 at Bears 
Chargers +7.5 at Bucs 
Kansas +21 vs Oklahoma St.

Andy in Seattle (6 pts., 3-6)
Broncos +1.5 at Jets
ALTERNATE: Rams -13.5 vs Giants
College: Arkansas +18 at Mississippi St.

Andy's Original pick of NE +7 was switched due to the game being postponed.

John in CT (6 pts., 3-6)
Panthers +3.5 vs Cardinals
Dolphins +7 vs Seahawks
College: SMU +2.5 vs Memphis

GUEST PICKER: Gerry fm. Piscataway (Guest picks are 4-5)
Bills -3 at Raiders
ALTERNATE: Bears +2.5 vs Colts
College: Auburn +6.5 at Georgia

NOTE: Gerry's original pick of Steelers –1 is ruled out due to their game's postponement to at least Week 7.


Good luck to the picks!

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