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August 31st, 2016

We are thrilled to have our Football Picks contest back for the 2016 season.  Join Andy in Seattle, John in CT, Ron in NJ, me, and a featured guest every week to pick two college games and two pro games.

This week we have just the two college picks, but we'll also share our "teams to watch" and "coaches to watch".   In week 1 Tom in NJ will be our "Featured Guest."  In Week 2, we have the most entertaining Robert in VA from John's old "Football Pick'em Podcast" as our Featured Guest picking games with us.

Our first show drops late night tonight!   Available on iTunes, Podbean, and Stitcher.  Here are the standings from last year.

2015 Results

Dave: 36-24
Ron: 34-24-2
Andy: 31-26-3
John: 29-31

Tie breakers will be simpler this year:

1. Cumulative season record will break the tie for reults within a week.  For example, if Person A and Person B both tie for 3-1, and the one w/ the better season-long record.
2. If any two cumulative season records are tied during the year the player with the most individual week wins breaks the tie.

Beyond that, we can assess on a case by case basis.  So, come on down!  Join us for some football picks, big game previews, and a whole lot of fun.   We'll make you informed and laugh too here in the City on our "FOOTBALL PICKS."
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