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Football Picks: Week 11 Results

November 12th, 2019

John wins week 11 with a 3-1 finish, tied with Dave for the best Week 11 result, cutting slightly into Ron's lead in the standings.  Overall a great week for the panel, with no losing weeks from all four panelists nor the guest picker Robert in VA.  Complete Results.

John in CT went 3-1
Wins: Minnesota, San Jose St., Dolphins
Losses: Cowboys

Dave in the City went 3-1
Wins: LSU, Minnesota, Vikings
Losses: Saints

Andy in Seattle went 2-1-1
Wins: Temple, Seahawks
Losses: Oregon St.
Pushed: Bills

Ron in NJ went 2-2
Wins: Notre Dame, Seahawks
Losses: BYU, Giants

In Guest Picks, Robert in VA went 2-1-1
Wins: Baylor, Kansas St.
Losses: Panthers
Pushed: Bills

Here are the standings after 11 weeks.

Ron: 28-12-2
Andy: 21-15-6
John: 20-20-2
Dave: 18-22-2

Guest Picks are 20-20-2.

Wednesday night, we bring you the Week 12 picks, featuring a great number of College Football potential straight-up upsets.  It could be another day of big dominoes falling.  Which upsets will the panel go with for the contest?  Tune in and see during our next "Football Picks" DITCOW show late Wednesday on Apple Podcasts and here at ditcow.com.  NOTE: We will have no podcast for Week 13 the next week, but we'll have the written picks for both weeks here at the website.

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