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Football Picks: Week 12 Results

November 19th, 2019

Week 12 wound up as a .500 week for most of the panel.  It was not as pretty for Dave's picks, going 1-3, but, on the other hand, Guest Picker Dave in Queens had a great 3-1 week.   Complete results.

Ron in NJ went 2-2
Hits: Alabama, Hawaii
Misses: Steelers, Dolphins

Andy in Seattle went 2-2
Hits: Baylor, Patriots
Misses: Cincinnati, Steelers

John in CT went 2-2
Hits: Texas Tech, Cardinals
Misses: Navy, Bears

Dave in the City went 1-3
Hits: Chiefs
Misses: Ohio St., Arizona, Bucs

In Guest Picks, Dave in Queens went 3-1
Hits: Baylor, Saints, Patriots
Misses: Minnesota

In summary, it wasn't a horrible week for the panel, and these are our standings after 12 weeks:

Ron: 30-14-2
Andy: 23-17-6
John: 22-22-2
Dave: 19-25-2

Guest Picks are 23-21-2.

We're off the air this week, as mentioned on our last podcast, but the picks themselves roll on.  Watch for the Week 13 picks here at ditcow.com or via our Twitter feed @ditcow .

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