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Football Picks: Week 14 Results

December 2nd, 2019

Week 14 was a big week for a lot of the panel, as Andy, John, and Dave all go 3-1!  Ron, after many weeks blazing great results, gets his first losing week since Week 2.  Complete Results.

Andy in Seattle went 3-1
Wins: San Diego St., Seahawks, Packers
Losses: Alabama

John in CT went 3-1
Wins: Ball St., Bengals, Steelers
Losses: Memphis

Dave in the City went 3-1
Wins: Nebraska, Auburn, Bills
Losses: Patriots

Ron in NJ went 1-3
Wins: Oregon St.
Losses: Alabama, Jets, Eagles

In Guest Picks, THIS IDEAR went 2-2
Wins: Clemson, Titans
Losses: Alabama, Ravens

A remarkably good week for the panel at large, who go a combined 10-6 for Week 14.  Ron in particular snaps a run of 12, TWELVE straight weeks of 2-2 or better.  It was a great run!  Meanwhile, John has two straight 3-1 weeks, which rallied him to just four games in the loss column back of second place.

Here are the standings after 14 weeks....

Ron: 34-18-2
Andy: 27-20-7
John: 28-24-2
Dave: 24-28-2

Guest Picks are 27-25-2 this season.

There appears to be a path for either Andy or John to overtake Ron for first place, but Ron will go into Week 15 with a solid lead.  Will Ron maintain his incredible pace, or will the others close in on him?  Find out as we return to the podcast for the Week 15 Football Picks, at ditcow.com or on Apple Podcasts.

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