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Football Picks: Week 16 Results and FINAL STANDINGS

January 3rd, 2017


It's official!  Andy in Seattle wins the 2016 DITCOW FOOTBALL PICKS Contest!  He goes 2-2 in Week 16 picks and finishes the year 33-26-1.  Here are the complete pick results from Andy, Ron, John, Dave and guest picker Robert in VA.  

*note: The NFL results are from Week 15 of the NFL season, back around December 18th.

Andy in Seattle went (2-2): Oklahoma and Bucs hit.  Memphis and Chiefs missed.
Ron in NJ went (2-2): Falcons and Colts hit.  Boise St. and WVU missed.
John in CT went (2-2): Kansas St. and Tennessee hit.  Ravens and Broncos missed.
Dave in the City went (2-2): Miami and Steelers hit.  Temple and Lions missed.

In guest picks Robert in VA went (2-2): Clemson and Panthers hit.  South Alabama and Lions missed.

Here are our final standings after 16 weeks.

Andy: 33-26-1
Ron: 29-29-2
John: 27-30-3
Dave: 26-34

Guest picks this year went 32-28 for the season.

Overall, a good job out of the panel this year and another fun time in the DITCOW football picks contest!  Looking forward to more such fun next football season.  We're not done with the panel just yet, we'll get together next week, January 11th for the Bowl Season recap and a look at the NFL's Divisional Round.  Join us then here at

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