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Kids Club Picks: Week 5 (Week 4 NFL)

September 30th, 2015

Here are the Week 5 "Kids Club Football Picks" as delivered on this week's DITCOW Sports Podcast:

Dave in the City (12-2 this season)
Cincinnati +6.5 vs Miami
Notre Dame PK at Clemson
Chiefs +4 at Bengals
Cowboys +4 at Saints

John in CT (10-4)
Minnesota +4 at Northwestern
Appalachian St. -25.5 vs Wyoming
Raiders -3 at Bears
Broncos -6.5 vs Vikings

Say Hello to Ottis (9-4-1)
Alabama +2.5 at Georgia
West Virginia +7 at Oklahoma
Chiefs +4 at Bengals
Texans +6.5 at Falcons

Ron in NJ (8-5-1)
Western Kentucky -7 at Rice
Oregon -7.5 at Colorado
Colts -9 vs Jaguars
Panthers -3 at Bucs

Andy in Seattle (7-6-1)
Alabama +2.5 at Georgia
Duke -6.5 vs Boston College
Cardinals -7 vs Rams
Falcons -6.5 vs Texans

Tough week to select games!  A lot of divisional matchups and early conference games.   Good luck to all the picks and may we all rise into Week 5 of the "Kids Club" picks.

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