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Kids Club Results: Week 3

September 20th, 2015

Whoo!   College Football this week was *crazy,* but most of the Kids Club survived and several of the panelists swept their NFL picks.  Here are the Week 3 Results.

Dave in the City went 3-1: BYU, Cardinals, Panthers hit; Georgia Tech misses
John in CT went 3-1: Texas, Panthers, Redskins hit; Duke misses
Say Hello to Ottis went 3-1: FSU, Pats, Falcons hit; Clemson misses
Ron in NJ went 1-2-1: Pats hits; USC, Rams miss; PUSH - Memphis
Andy in Seattle went 1-3: Pats hits; Alabama, Georgia Tech, Chiefs miss

The Pats came through for the club after the triple checker on a checker, but what's funny is that the game was closer than it should have been.  New England was up three scores before a wild comeback by the Bills gave them a shot to tie the game with under a minute left.   Many of us on the podcast also picked the Chiefs to take the game, but on an interesting note, I believe Andy also took a side bet on Denver after a HUGE amount of sudden public support for the Chiefs.  USC was a complete disaster defensively and this game will be addressed on the next DITCOW podcast.  Ron basically nailed the Memphis game with both the line and the over/under, but unfortunately BGSU did enough to force a push. 

With all that in place, no 0-4 weeks by the panel so everyone's still alive, here are the season standings...

Dave: 9-1
John: 8-2
Ottis: 6-3-1
Ron: 5-4-1
Andy: 4-5-1

We go at it once more for the Week 4 Kids Club picks, featuring Week 4 college picks and Week 3 NFL picks.   Tune in for it here at ditcow.com!
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