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Kids Club Results: Week 4

September 29th, 2015

A VERY good week for the Club!   Here are the Week 4 Results from the "Kids Club Football Picks."

Andy in Seattle went (3-1): Western Michigan, Patriots, Cardinals hit; Arizona misses
Say Hello to Ottis went (3-1): USC, Raiders, Texans hit; LSU misses
Ron in NJ went (3-1): Bowling Green, Panthers, Packers hit; BYU misses
Dave in the City went (3-1):  Bowling Green, Georgia Southern, Seahawks hit; Ravens misses
John in CT went (2-2): Bowling Green, Texas Tech hit; Ravens, Colts miss

Incredible!   Once again nobody finishes below .500 this week, matching a similar outcome in Week 1.   How about this?  The Bowling Green triple Checker on a Checker is a big winner for the panel.   Unfortunately, the dual Checker-on-Checker Ravens pick doesn't work for Dave or John but both still finished strong.  John is 2-2 this week but he also has the sweep of his college picks, a VERY nice ahead of the curve pick with Texas Tech in particular.  The lay person would surely take TCU in that game.  Lastly, a series of keen moves "playing the percentages".  Oat Man nailed it with USC bouncing back huge, and similarly he plays the Raiders going against both the public bet and the Browns' silly move starting McCown over Manziel.  Andy's done a great job riding the Patriots each week and it's got him although Arizon was a HUGE let down for him, and he has a big rant on Arizona football coming on tomorrow's podcast.   Here now are the updated season standings…

Dave: 12-2
John: 10-4
Ottis: 9-4-1
Ron: 8-5-1
Andy: 7-6-1

We have a VERY competitive field this year, and most importantly, all of us are hitting… It's a great season thus far but we all know too well that it can change on a dime.   Hopefully not any time soon!  Check out our next round of picks on tomorrow's podcast at 9pm ET, 6pm Pacific.  We also have the MLB preview for you after Kids Club Picks.

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