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Podcast: A to Z - Baseball on Hiatus with Gerry from Piscataway

March 16th, 2020

Part B of our "A to Z" Anthology takes us to baseball with our good friend Gerry from Piscataway.  Gerry is now the host of his own podcast, "The LGY Pod" focusing on all things Yankees, and surely he was impacted by the Coronavirus Scare.  Baseball was put on hold shortly after the outbreak hit stateside and Gerry talks with Dave about the long delay and how it could impact the sport.   Next we look at the nuances of making a podcast as Gerry tries the ropes for the first time.  We also cover Coronavirus itself and why the USA needed to take it more seriously earlier in the year.  Lastly, some other odds and ends, we chat about how we'll work out the idle time without baseball, cover our challenges trying to exercise in the middle of a near-lockdown, and more.

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