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Podcast: A to Z - ESPN’s Nonsense During a Sports Hiatus with Junkie

March 24th, 2020

Part E of our "A to Z" anthology series is our chance to take shots at ESPN's continued laziness with programming and journalism.  Kevin on the Cape a.k.a. Junkie returns to sound off on the insipid idea to match up all time college players in Men's and Women's basketball in one huge convoluted tournament bracket.   Junkie runs down how foolish the idea is and why it reminds him of the decline of quality at ESPN's.   Dave segues from that to a his own "best of" idea, but a more cohesive one: a preview of the "NFL Jerseys - Best and Worst of All Time" ranking he and Coach will do in a future episode.  Dave turns the tables on Junk Man and asks him the two Random Questions plus an update on Kevin's little boy Cody and his new bedroom.

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