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Podcast: A to Z - Hollywood at a Standstill with Tom in NJ

March 29th, 2020

Part H of our "A to Z" series catches us up with Tom in NJ.  The show starts with Tom's genuine concerns over the global Coronavirus pandemic and the potentially gruesome days to come.  Tom and Dave break down who handled the pandemic well and who really dropped the ball during the ongoing crisis.  Later, we segue to a lighter note and look at the Hollywood productions that were postponed to later, including some movies that went straight to video, and others that were pushed back an entire year for a possible box office run.   Tom and Dave share their favorite 80's and 90's kids movies, and many of the classics make the list: Big, The Sandlot, The Mighty Ducks, The Goonies.  Also on the list are cheesier but still fun movies like Kindergarten Cop, Monkey Business, 3 Ninjas, Little Big League, and more.  Junkie sends in two more random questions for Tommy, then we check in on family life for Tom and Diane, now expecting their first baby.

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