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Podcast: A to Z - It’s Da Bread

March 31st, 2020

Part I (the letter "I", not 1) of our "A to Z" Anthology series brings us an old friend, "It's Da Bread," otherwise known as John in Brooklyn.  It has been quite a long time since we last had him on the show, so we catch up with Bread and see how his family is doing during Coronavirus.   Bread shares the scene he has at the family home upstate, the situation back in Brooklyn, his Law School in progress, and other details.  Bread and Dave lament the lack of Pro Sports in the USA, comment on how great the Lakers chances could have been or could be to win the title, plus we revisit some of the projections for when Pro Leagues start back up.  Speaking of old friends, we bring back an old podcast tradition in the middle of our show, and Kevin on the Cape sends two more Random Q's for Bread.

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