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Podcast: NBA Report - Kawhi’s Load of Management, Surprise Starts (11-12-19)

November 12th, 2019


DITCOW presents our first NBA Report of the 2019-20 Season with Chris in Georgia.  This week, we share some perspective on Kawhi Leonard's recent "load management" in key national television games vs the Bucks and Jazz, and how the Clippers still came out ahead in the games thereafter.  Is the Load Management part of a trend or is it a unique situation for Kawhi.  Chris and Dave explain why there might be a little of both realms in play - it isn't a huge trend, but Kawhi has engaged in it perhaps more than others.  Later, we look at some remarkable surprise starts for seemingly bad teams in the NBA and cover why the league as a whole is much more competitive than past years.  Then, a recap of this year's rookie class after three weeks of play, and a recap of second year player Trae Young's fantastic start for the Hawks on this action-packed NBA Report.

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