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Sal Licata Doo, Where are You? ; Andy in Sea., Tom in NJ , John in CT, NFL, NCAA (09-08-10)

September 8th, 2010

In this edition of TMF.com Live!  on Dave in the City,  Andy in Seattle, Tom in Jersey, John in Connecticut, and Dave ask "What Happened to Sal Licata's big non-existent internet show?"  We'll investigate what went wrong with the former WFAN and Mike Francesa intern.

ALSO on the Program: NFL Kickoff, can Boise State pull off a Championship Run, the NCAA Upper Echelon teams, Notre Dame/Michigan, Michigan/UConn, and much much more.

Recorded on 9/8 LIVE on blogtalkradio.com .   Due to the complexity of the episode, the program is only available in a low fidelity mp3 this week.

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