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SUPER BOWL WEEK: Every night this week on Dave in the City!

January 30th, 2011

This week, Dave in the City Presents:  SUPER BOWL WEEK.   Unlike most weeks we'll go on EVERY NIGHT this week covering Super Bowl XLV, along with some other sports topics throughout the week.


(Our normal Monday and Wednesday shows will be 2 hours long.  All other broadcasts will be 1 hour long.)

Monday: Part I -- Initial Thoughts.   10pm-12am ET.   Gerry in Piscataway scheduled.

Tuesday: Part II -- Media Day, 11pm-12am ET.  Our thoughts on the upcoming TV/Radio broadcasts, Sports Media Coverage and Opinions thereof.    Open Phones.

Wednesday: Part III -- The Matchup, 10pm-12am ET.   Andrew Jacobsen Scheduled.   Breaking down the individual and team matchups for Pittsburgh and Green Bay:  Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Secondary, Linebackers, O-Line, Rushing, Passing, etc.

Thursday: Part IV -- The Impact, 11pm-12am ET.   What is the historical significance of SB XLV for a) The Steelers, b) The Packers, c) The NFL, and d) Dallas and the Cowboys?

Friday: Part V -- Predictions, 11pm-12am ET.  Not only Game Predictions (which may also be set earlier this week) but also Prop Bets, predictions for Best Commercial, TV Ratings predictions, and more.

If you would like to be a guest this week on Dave in the City's SUPER BOWL WEEK, please contact me at styrofoamradio@yahoo.com or reply to this posting.   Hope to see you all there!  SUPER BOWL WEEK -- Where the game and broadcast counts!

-- Dave

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