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Tom in NJ; Jacob Rosales; Marc Perez; Saved by the Snickers Bar!; Carmelo Anthony Trade (01-12-11)

January 12th, 2011

Dave starts his show a couple of minutes late after a grueling commute on LA and Santa Monica's bus lines that, thanks to a Snickers Bar purchase at the gas station, saved Dave from missing half of the show.  Tom in NJ joins Dave to remark on the commute both in California and New Jersey, then Dave and Tom look at the Knicks on the West Coast road trip.

Jacob Rosales later joins Dave to deliver thoughts on Harbaugh's hire by the Clippers, then talks about the media's fickle reaction throughout the hiring process.  Finally, Marc Perez joins Dave for the final hour to raise a proposal for Dennis Rodman Making the Basketball Hall of Fame.  In addition, Dave and Marc look at the several proposed Carmelo Anthony trade and Marc makes a case for the Nets improving to become a playoff team.

Marc also highlights the "human highlight reel" Blake Griffin -- the most exciting rookie in the NBA today.

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