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Blog: Carnitas and San Diego

July 12th, 2016

I tried the world over to find the right San Diego skyline picture for this blog, and I settled for carnitas.  But I'll tell ya, these carnitas were not half bad!  These are from a place called "Old Town Mexican Cafe."  Truly a fun place for those who enjoy a nice drink in a cool, classic cantina setting.

Old Town San Diego is 5 miles north of the Gaslamp Quater where the action is nowadays.  Even so, it has plenty of action of its own.  Think of it like what nightlife was like 200 years ago.  Little buildings with cool red tiles on top.  It was the place to be back in the 1800's!  It still is a place to be now.  Old Town Mexican Cafe had a great atmosphere and quite a line to get in, but I was able to get right into the patio bar, which still had a few tables so I took one.

It's a "patio bar" but it's not only covered, it's air conditioned.  Such a comfortable place to take in a good meal.  Their margaritas were tremendous... I think they were better than the ones at "El Coyote" in Hollywood.  Shh don't tell them!

Good stuff all around.   The chips were drier but no less flavorful.  Loved that salsa.  The carnitas were pretty good.  They recommended crispy carnitas and I went with it.  Not bad.   It would be like making a grilled cheese sandwich with just carnitas.

That set the tone for a wonderful Sunday.  Had a lot of fun with my buddy over at the MLB Futures Game at Petco Park.  That's the name for the Minor League Baseball all star game.  What a show!  How about that Yoan Moncada??  That guy can really hit the ball!  

Man... San Diego was gorgeous that day.  My buddy Umberto's Clam House from TMF.com and I went from the futures game to Bub's to meet the very funny and friendly Sherrin, also from the board.   What a good time that was!  That dude was so much fun to hang with and he was so generous hooking it up w/ the beers.  THE MAN, Sherrin.

Weather was perfect, and all went well.   In fact, the next day, I thought about how fun Sunday was and wished I could stay the rest of the All Star Break.   I had no idea there'd be so much buzz and lots of fun baseball events.  The Home Run Derby killed folks, it killed!  The All Star Game on Tuesday was a pretty good game.   I could not believe how good hotel rates were Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.   Had I known I'd have planned this trip out fully and taken three days off.   Alas I am back here in LA instead for Tuesday night.

Nevertheless, a great time!  Some other thoughts...

When you were living back in "the good old days" did you call them "the days?"

I read that in Coalinga, CA they're going to turn an abandoned prison into a marijuana farm.  I think that's pretty cool, but the kicker is that Coalinga is already home to one of the largest cattle farms in the state.   So far, Coalinga smells like butt... lots and lots of cattle poop smell in the air.  Now add in the smell of weed... that is going to be the trip of the day hanging around there oh ho!

I remember when Extreme had their mega-hit "More Than Words."  A band named "Extreme" really got my hopes up for nothing.  When I think "extreme" I think of outrageous hard rockers... like thrashing metal and amplifiers every night.  I think of stuff that's frickin' LOUD.   Then when I heard the song I thought "extreme wus" but in the end I liked it.  Good song... soft as fungus though.

That moment when I found out that the "Bell" in Taco Bell was named after a guy named Glen Bell.  I thought they called it Taco Bell because it was an actual bell... like you'd go ding dong, tacos!  Turns out it was just a clever pun on some guy's last name.   Well played, Glen.

DID YOU KNOW, the first ever Taco Bell and the first ever McDonald's were both in the same city?  I read that both of them started in San Bernadino.  There you have it folks, the birth of fast food as we know it happened in the pit of the Southland.   

Speaking of "pits," peach season is now, finally, in full throttle.   Had a batch today, mm so good.  We are in prime peach season.   I better grab the next batch soon to make sure we get the most out of these crops.

It won't be a long peach season this year.   I think this week might be it before we start settling for sub-par peachery again.

WHY oh why do they not have peach ice cream yet!  I looked for it *repeatedly* in the grocery stores.  Nothing!  People have got to move their butts on this.

I need to find a date for this Weird Al Yankovic concert.   Do you think there's a lady out there that enjoys dinner and a Weird Al Yankovic?  

Canadian Karen has me watching "The Bachelorette" on TV.  The star this year is some lady with brown hair named JoJo.    When I think JoJo, I think of that one lady from roughly 8 years ago who sang "Too Little Too Late".   I thought for a second "is the Bachelorette JoJo the same JoJo?"  She is not, but she does look a little like Pop Superstar JoJo, check it out:  

Here's the pop music icon JoJo.

Here's the ABC Hit Series the Bachelorette JoJo.


That's all from here.  Please do not ever pinch hit the best rookie on your team for some joker who barely made the same team.  YOU HEAR ME TERRY COLLINS...?  What a joke.   Mets fans must be so frustrated with that guy.  

Til next time my fellas.