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Blog: Caviar Dreams and Nightmares

September 29th, 2016

Caviar can be a dream to some, but not in my case.  Caviar thoughts, a nightmare story, random one-liner nonsense, food tips, a ticketing blunder, and more. 

Remember that old show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?"   Robin Leach would say at the end that he hopes for "champagne wishes and caviar dreams."  I'll concede the champagne, but caviar?  I would *never* dream of caviar, not once in my life!  I dream of steak, I dream of sex, I dream of championships for my teams, but I don't think I went to bed one day hoping for little black eggs in my sleep.
I had a nightmare this morning... I was in Cancun with my family in the pool area looking over the ocean and some drug cartel guys started shooting at people and one guy died and a guy runs in and says (in English, strangely, but this is my dream) "they killed him they killed him!"

I'm crawling, trying to be safe, and touch a splatter of blood and my family and hundreds of other tourists, my family, and I are all crouched behind one of those stone pillar barriers by the fountain.  Then I woke up.

That was scary!   Then I checked Cancun news on Google and the only violent crime reported was that a guy got attacked by an alligator.  hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.

Google can't decide when it's own birthday is, I find that funny.   So if you were to google "Google's Birthday" you'd get different results?  It was as if they were making up stuff as it went along, but this was the way of the wild wild web in the late 90's.

Life before Google... I used Yahoo before Google was invented, some others used Alta Vista.

I had the fortune of attending the Stanford/UCLA game last week, but this was not without a "vid moment."   I went to Pasadena, a good, iono 30 miles away from home, only to find out when I got there I forgot my printable ticket at home.   No problem, I said, I'll go to the Library to print it out again.

When I got there, I went to their computer terminal and realized the ticket said "UCLA vs Arizona."  What?!  I bought a ticket to the wrong game, oiiiiiii.   I already drove the 30 miles to get to Pasadena so I put the ticket up for sale and bought another one to the Stanford game.  Unbelievable... that dumb decision is killing me.   We're almost up to the weekend and that ticket didn't sell.  I put it up for about the same price, I want to get back at least 90% of what I paid.   It may not work out and I'll have to go to the game; and I'm going to show up late if that happens because the big Louisville/Clemson is the same night at 5pm while UCLA starts at 7:30.   Goodness, what a blunder.

I am going to go the rest of my life without seeing the Cleveland New-Browns win a championship.   The Fake-Browns are completely worthless in value to the NFL, my friend YOTS is right about that.

Ralphs has a tailgate that you can enter by spending 25 dollars on designated "tailgate eligible" items at the store, for the Stanford game last week I had in on that offer and it's a great deal!   You buy groceries you get to use at home anyway, go to the tailgate just steps from the Rose Bowl entrance, then get treated to unlimited quantities of hot dogs, hot links, sausage, burgers, chicken, and even bbq ribs.  So good... it comes with all the fixings, loads of Frito Lay chips (and I mean ALL THE CHIPS Lays, Doritos, Tostitos, anything with an "-itos").   Sodas are complimentary, desserts are complimentary, and the hidden jewel of this, you get a whopping FOUR drink tickets!  That blew me away... I could get four Blue Moons, Coors Lights, or a blonde ale I forgot the name of.   Every college game on that day is shown on several TV screens all over the tent.   Totally worth it.

Last week of Souplantation's Pizza month... pepperoni and sausage pizza at the souplantation.  I had it a few weeks ago and it was amazing.   I am concerned about Souplantation's recent trend towards fattier foods, they used to keep that stuff to a minimum.  It's like they "sold out."   Tell you what, though, all of these new adds taste pretty good!

That's all I've got, been too long since I did a blog.  More of these to come!  Have a good weekend.