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Blog: Look at that!

July 25th, 2016

Far and away the most overused thing I say right now is "Look at that!"  I started saying that this year and now I'm just carried away with it.   I get a bonus piece of chicken with my mea, "look at that!"   I see the Dodgers beat the Cardinals on the road with 9 runs, "look at that!"   I'm watching a new setup in the kitchen whatever it is, "look at that!"

I can't shake it at all... I've been mesmerized by a lot of things these days  and I can't come up with better words than those three.  What am I doing?!

At the locker room they have showers with soap.  Not all locker rooms do, but this one does.   Now *why* do you never get that same fresh feeling when you use the soap at the gym as when you shower at home?  I would think it's soap, but it never seems as effective as regular soap especially after a swim.   What gives?

I told my friends I want to move to Oregon to start a potato farm.   It truly may be my calling... if... this... country.............. gets........................ out............................ of............................................. hand.

I loved watching "$ale of the Century" as a kid.  All I remembered when I was a baby was the colors.  A whole lot of orange... some yellow, and a few flashing red and green blinky lights.  I had no idea what was going on in the game.   A few years ago I got to see reruns on YouTube; the game is pretty good!

I am a big fan, so far, of the new "Match Game" revival on ABC.  I gotta give it to Alec Baldwin because I have that show *no chance.*  but by God, the thing is nearly as good as the originals from the 70's.

I put myself on roughly 10 waiting lists for various episodes of the America's Got Talent live shows.   Worth a shot!
...I would say this when I applied to jobs too, but true to the phrase, I never got a shot at any of those.

Benny's Tacos last night; it's really a rotisserie chicken place that serves tacos on the side, and its got the motor going nicely.  Busy night!  Lots of folks like me trying to avoid all the attitude and snark swirling around and the tomfoolery of convention coverage.  Mission accomplished for all of us.   Their roto chicken was pretty good, had the beans and the guacamole and the tortillas.   A side of garlic sauce and I added salsa to all of it.  Very good, and good value for the 1/4 chicken plate.

Facebook reminds me that Monday was the 20th anniversary of Kerri Strug's heroic 2nd vault with a broken leg.  I am *amazed* such a thing was allowed!  But, she did it.  I remember very wall watching on TV 20 years ago... what drama!   Of course NBC being the dopes they are pushed it all the way to 9pm in every individual time zone.  Nobody saw the damn thing live -- the gymnastics final went down at 2pm Pacific that day and everybody had a delay of at least 4 if not way more hours.  NBC is a joke.

That was the same year that Michael Jonson dominated the Track and Field with these very cool golden shoes.  They were shining gold all over... it was so much fun to watch that.  Fun to watch him too, and he looked like he was cruising but he was going breakneck speed for real and setting new world records.  What a sight to see!

Riddle me this:  if NBC thinks the Olympics aren't real sports, then why are you showing any of your election coverage live?  If you think it's more of a "news show"  or "human interest show" then why aren't you at least consistent with your other news and human interest programming?   BUNCH OF DOPES.   If you're going to put a little bow and wrap your Olympic coverage with a bunch of fluff, you should be doing the same thing for these two conventions!   Go dice up all the events into specially packaged overproduced segments and air it next Sunday as some sort of 5 part miniseries *event.*

Every four years I do this rant and every four years it's the same nonsense, but each time out they get hammered harder and harder for the pigheads they are.  This year it's just outrageous.  Nobody else in the *universe* is pushing back their coverage like this.  It is an absolute farce.  I wish I lived closer to Canada so I could steal their coverage and watch at home.

I look forward to the day NBC tanks and loses their Olympics coverage for good, and good riddance once they do.  Enough people in this country suffered living a fraud like that network's sports division this time of year.

Peach season really hit its stride.  Went with the organics; tremendous peaches in effect.

The best Gyro I can think of in this area is in a place way out in Fillmore called "Yanni's".   I don't know what it is, but the thing is amazing, and their fries are just as amazing with the home made ranch.   Out of the way from anything except a trip from Ventura to Magic Mountain.  If that moment comes for you, pull over at the Yanni's and enjoy, that food is magical.

That's all for now.   Enjoy your Tuesday everybody.