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Blog: My Sister’s New Blog

December 31st, 2015

We come from a donut family, my sister and me.   Long ago when there was a lot of milk and honey, two donuts came together in marriage and produced little donut children and we were among them.   The truth is that while we are not literally born out of donuts, we both love donuts quite a lot even though neither of us eat donuts very often to preserve our health.

I love my sister, and she's one of the most creative people I know.   I'm happy to announce that she started a new blog too.  It's better organized and fancier looking, and I learned that it even has FANCY PICTURES.  Enjoy, here is the link: https://domainschmomain.wordpress.com

That's not the end of this blog entry, I won't let you all go that easily.   So!   Here goes...

It has been over two weeks since we did a podcast so I have a nice announcement for you all:  Lakers Nation.com's senior writer Corey Hansford joins us on the DITCOW podcast next week to talk about Kobe Bryant's farewell tour and look at the Lakers' fresh young rebuilding roster.   Some items we'll cover include the early struggles and resurgence of high draft pick D'Angelo Russell, the other new starters including Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle, and much more from the Lakers.   We'll cover the Lakers to start our podcast and lead into the College Football Championship game preview at the 30 minute mark w/ our Kids Club panelists.

Some other notes from my pen...

I confess that I left my Masters Swim team for the time being.   The reasons were mostly financial, but I left the door open to return by retaining my USMS membership.   It was also tough to get to swims, I was struggling to wake up early enough to get to many of them.  I liked going in the early morning but doing so of late was not realistic.  I also never could get mentally adjusted to going to swim at night and cutting into my valuable free time each evening.   It's a process, but I thought I was getting by with 30 minute swims at lunch time.

That wound up being a big lie.   I am in Oxnard this week with my parents and sisters, and I've been in town since last weekend.  On Christmas weekend, I took a look at myself in the mirror and it wasn't pretty.   A sack of potatoes snuck into my stomach and I gotta get it out!   From Monday on, I set an alarm on my phone to wake me up at 5:45 each morning.  Then, I jumped into the car in THIRTY EIGHT DEGREE TEMPERATURE my goodness and drove to the indoor pool in our area.  Then I swam a full workout, 60 minutes long each morning three mornings in a row.   After each swim I would stop at the Target store and pick up knick knacks.  In those knick knacks were my coveted Wheat Chex loaded with dietary fiber.  Anyway, in those three days I made nice progress -- I also limited my calorie intake and kept away from most big meals and cut down fatty snacks.   In 3 days I lost two pounds according to the bathroom scale.  Success!

I know this is just the beginning of many tough steps to recovery.  I don't want to get into specifics but there are roughly 3 years of excess baggage I need to work off.   I let my indulgences get the best of me -- I know this can turn around, it takes time.

I may have to re-join Masters to truly get a leg up on recovery but I also thought: I could go to swim after work at the Sunset Rec Center to get myself back on track.  My target date to return to Masters is about April or so but this depends on a lot of factors including my continued employment at UCLA... that's not set in stone either, we shall see.

This week I'm watching bowl games on ESPN and ESPN2, my mom was shocked when she saw football in the early afternoon on a weekday.  She had no idea what was happening, I thought it was funny!   I explained how these are postseason bowl games for conference champions plus some additional teams with at large bids.

I think all it is to her is an interruption of her daytime programming, hee hee!

On Christmas Eve I told my sister about the story when we were waiting in line for "The Price is Right" and I got a corned beef sandwich that I talked up all day while I got her pastrami which she was not expecting after my long ode to the corned beef.   I added that I want to make it up to her.  I proposed a trip to Brent's Deli where they serve that fantastic Pastrami Reuben.  Northridge was on our way to Hollywood where we had a Christmas Eve party with relatives.  The problem was that  Brent's closed at 4pm and we left too late... it seemed like there'd be enough time to make it but we had just enough minor delays on the freeways (overall a great drive but nonetheless...).   The delays made us late enough to where I didn't think it was realistic to enter and dine in.   When I got there, it was 3:45... and working in retail for a short time myself I know all too well what a dick move it is to come into a store or restaurant in the last 15 minutes before close and keep everybody waiting longer, and its doubly such a dick move on Christmas Eve on a short day!   I knew it... but I walked into the lobby to double check closing time.  They confirmed it was 4pm that day for close and the lady at the front said they could still seat us, but I insisted "no, I can't do that to you."

She was going "It's not too late!"
but the owner came right in and said "Um, it's getting a little too late!"
So I decided to call it a day and told them thanks anyway, and wished them all Merry Christmas.

It was fine -- we went to another restaurant for lunch, and it was a quite delightful.  

I hope the holidays were good to all of you!  My only hope for the new year is that we all utilize less snark and more understanding.  I have tired of the constant sarcasm and mean spiritedness... why can't we just take things less seriously?   That's basically it.  I have goals for my career and fitness but I know I can carry those out so it's not a hope, its a plan.   I'm thankful for my health, my family, and the new friends I made this year including my buddies at the Mark in the Morning Fan Lounge on Facebook.   It's been quite a year.

Let's get in another one in 2016:  Happy New Year!!