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Blog: Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

November 19th, 2015

Not too early to talk turkey is it?

We're about a month in advance of the main event: Thanksgiving!  To usher in the event I went to Bristol Farms, a high end grocery store near me, to get some turkey related snacks.   Mostly, I got stuffing.  I think I look forward to the stuffing nearly as much as the turkey!  I added gravy, added mac and cheese on the side, and I even added some chicken wings.   OH so good!

I went to the hot salad bar.  There was a really pretty blue eyed brownie (blue eyes, brown hair) who came up to the edge of the hot salad bar and I knew I was in the way.  So I scootched over and said "sorry!'  and she grumbled "scuse me."

No interest in the 'cow... ohhhhhhhhh... but she seemed to gravitate towards the cold bar... I was all about the hot bar, i.e. the cooked foods, meats, sauteed veggies got some of those, even added a couple nuggets of orange chicken.   

Checking out at the counter, I spoke to the checkout lady about how I love the food at Bristol Farms and talked up the breakfast burritos.  She said "I've never had breakfast burritos here before."   She's missing out on a treat my friends.

So at any rate I took all of that home, oh wait!

Not done... before I went to the hot bar, I went over to the pizza station and asked the guy for a slice of pepperoni pizza.  He took the slice and asked if I wanted it put back into the oven to reheat. I said, "that's fine."

This guy put so much effort into reheating a slice of pizza!  I'm thinking in the back of my mind "settle down brown cow, this pizza's lookin fine!" but he was committed, 100 percent, I don't need a stupid emoji to write "100%"  Come on now!   We need a special symbol that says "100" on it...?  I COULD JUST TYPE "100."  Three stinking numbers!  You would press more buttons looking for that dopey 100 emoji rather than putting together 1, 0, and 0.

The man had a heart of gold and was all class my friends.  Never before did I see so much care and respect given to a slice of pizza.  It stinks that there was no tip jar because this dude gave his all reheating that pepperoni.   Such a small feat was done with so much effort, it was inspirational.

All right, so THEN I took home the assorted food and had a nice mini thanksgiving on my lap.   So, as I think back on a pretty good self constructed pot luck meal, I have some other thanksgiving recommendations.

The "Bobbie" sandwich (above) at Capriotti's sandwich shop in Beverly Hills is outstanding.  They have this sandwich all year long, but it is freshly shredded turkey, NOT from a deli block, from the bird itself, mixed with mayonnaise, then topped with fresh home made cranberry sauce and delicious stuffing.   I have talked about this sandwich at least once every two months.  I won't quit... this sandwich is amazing.  If I couldn't make it to Oxnard, say there was an enormous mudslide that cut off both the 101 and 1 freeways on Wednesday, I'd go to Capriotti's and order a dozen of these sandwiches and serve them to friends and family I had in the area... maybe my cousins and people like that.   What better way to make up for the full thanksgiving spread than by serving thanksgiving on a bun?   These sandwiches are truly the whole package.  It might even make YOU think of home and your parents' house.

Also in effect, released for this month and December, is Dog Haus' Turducken Sausage.  It's just as you'd think: turkey, duck, and chicken all made into one conglomerate sausage then put on a bun and ALSO lathered with green bean sprouts and cole slaw.  Truly a marvel -- I'm planning to try one tonight at my nearest Dog Haus restaurant and I hear it's a hit.

Finally, this is a personal favorite in December, but it should be around this month too, and that is the Souplantation cream of turkey soup.   I've had a lot of fine soups at the plantation... and the turkey soup truly stands out as one of the best.   They only serve it for about 3-5 weeks of the year and when it's released I do my best to get out there for it.  It's amazing.  When they serve biscuits, you can add them to concoct a turkey pot pie.

It's a tremendous time of the year for turkey lovers.  If you are a turkey fan, get on down to these spots to check out the best of turkey dishes.  Enjoy my friends!