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Blog: The Chunky Soup Mystery Continues!

February 6th, 2017


Remember the tastless clam chowder?   How did Chunky Soup get this bland?   The answer stared me in the face!  Plus: multiple sized Big Macs!

I went a week wondering what happened with that Campbell's Chunky Soup Clam Chowder.   I was in disbelief at the blandness of that flavor, much like the Falcons on Sunday, I'm sure!   I had no idea how Campbell's slipped like that.

THEN, Monday night, the answer stared me in the face!  Look at the two cans of clam chowder in the picture.   One of them was the "Healthy Request" flavor!  A special healthy version of Chunky Soup?!  I had no idea!!   It *all* made sense now.  The weak flavor, the lack of taste, the odd texture.  It was a "diet soup."   How about that?

Now *just* to make sure, I bought a can of the regular clam chowder and took it home.  I was not waiting around fellas, I went for the chowder.    Even as I cooked it, I smelled flavor that I didn't catch before.  Then I took in a spoon.  Ooh, much better!   Now....  no canned soup will ever approach the fantastic clam chowder I had at Stearn's Wharf in Santa Barbara.   That is the gold standard of chowders in the state.  Nobody beats it, although I do like the clam chowder at Pismo Beach too.  Anyway, Campbell's didn't quite reach that echelon of seafood stewed in a creamy base, but it was twice as good as the blandfest from a week ago.  Success!

What a relief, I was worried that Campbell's lost its way and was going downhill.  Not so, it was just their specialty "healthy" version.  Kudos to Campbell's for trying to help our health, but I gotta admit, "Healthy Request" wasn't as tasty.

So, here it is, we now have three Big Macs at McDonald's:

Big Mac Family

I heard the news that they were adding two new Macs to go with the Big Mac.   A lot of places do this already... they have small and extra large versions of the same thing.  We're treating burgers like socks... small, medium, large.   The new Big Mac family is a trip.  

They call the little one "Mac Jr.", they call the regular one "Big Mac," and they call the huge one "Grand Mac."   But... if the Mac is supposed to be *big*, why didn't they just make the big one the "Big Mac," the medium one the "Medium Mac," and the little one the "Little Mac?"  

Welp, one to munch on, isn't it?  I'll give all three of these a try down the road.

That TV show "The Bachelor," isn't it just like the NCAA Tournament, but instead of basketball teams, you replace them with women and they each get eliminated one by one until you're down to the Final Four?  Can you imagine?  And that guy in the middle is the trophy!

What would be "the Bachelor's" one shining moment?  Another one to munch on, am I right?

Speaking of "munch" I am still trying to finish those M&M's I bought way back in September.  Down to the last bag, but, that bag was like six pounds of M&M's.   I can only eat a handful at a time, iono every other day, maybe longer?  We're now into February with those M's... I salute the M&M's for such unbelievable longevity.

I look at my good friend Kevin on the Cape's blog and he writes such magnificent prose.  It makes you think, it makes you cry and laugh.  ...then I'm out here breaking down Campbell's Chunky Soup.  Onward.

Til next time, fellas.