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Kids Club Picks: Week 12 (Week 11 NFL)

November 18th, 2015

Here are the Kids Club Week 12 Football Picks!

Ron in NJ (25-16-1 this year)
Minnesota -4.5 vs Illinois
Navy -12 at Tulsa
Ravens -2 vs Rams
Colts +6 at Falcons

Dave in the City (25-17)
Western Kentucky -16.5 vs Florida International
Boston College +17 vs Notre Dame
Cowboys PK at Dolphins
Chargers -3 vs Chiefs

John in CT (23-19)
South Fla. +2.5 vs Cincinnati
Ole Miss -3.5 vs LSU
Bears -1 vs Broncos
Cardinals -5 vs Bengals

Andy in Seattle (21-20-1)
Baylor PK at Ok. State
WSU -14.5 vs Colorado
Patriots -7 vs Bills
Chiefs -3 at Chargers

We have  head to head picks this week with Dave and Andy taking opposite sides of the Chiefs/Chargers Game.   Some interesting selections by the panel plus Dave's desperation dart shots with his two NFL selections.  Good luck to all the picks!  We'll reveal how they did on next week's DITCOW show at a special Tuesday 9pm start time.