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Lakers Roundtable: Marco Alfendary, Jorge in Palmdale; Mike in NJ; Big B; Matt Shapiro (02-23-11)

February 23rd, 2011

Marco Alfendary (formerly of KCSB) surprises Dave and checks in with his thoughts on the recent NBA Transactions, Trades, and Rumors.  Is the Anthony deal to NY a boon for NY *and* a troubling sign for the NBA?

ALSO: The Lakers Roundtable -- Are the Lakers running out of steam or just bored?  Where can they improve most, and CAN they make the moves to get there?   Jorge in Palmdale joins Dave to break down the Lakers in transition from Regular Season to the Playoffs.

Mike in North Jersey analyzes the Devils' recent surge, how Iyla Kovalchuck is misunderstood, and why coaching makes a difference in the NHL, PLUS: Has Tiger Woods been exposed at WGC-Accenture?

Big B and Matt Shapiro Join Dave to round out the show and discuss Dwight Howard's post-FA future.  Could we be seeing Dwight Howard command the paint for the *Lakers?*